Splitting the Group

This will forever more be known as the Jason and Brandon rule. Hopefully not in a bad way. I’m just using it as a good time to clarify things.

When setting up a dungeon, rolling for wandering monsters, etc. I set up every encounter based off the group level. In a dungeon if Erik wants to go charging off into the darkness by himself and falls through the floor and onto the dragon’s head, he is suddenly fighting a dragon who it meant to be a challenge for the whole group by himself. This is bad!

I can’t / won’t modify every encounter just because a barbarian goes charging in while everyone else is planning, or a spell caster wanders back to get some of those cool glowing mushrooms.

So as a general rule if you do wander off, say the bard really likes that last painting and decides to cut it down and roll it up to put it in her back pack while everyone ventures forth. And suddenly she finds herself facing a group of gnolls, chances are she should run to get back with the group rather than going toe to toe with them by herself.

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Splitting the Group

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