Exploring the Altar at Skywatch

A while back there was a temple to Lamashtu in the now abandoned Skywatch citadel. Few are bold enough to travel into the citadel and it is crawling with various creatures who set up an Altar to Lamshtu. After it was discovered that Lord Gurev Medyed’s nephew Gurev Irovetti was secretly worshiping Lamashtu at this shrine the King, Noleski Surtova, sent his agents in to scour the area and find evidence of the Devil worship, which he supposedly found.

Later Lord Medyed sent in a crew to destroy the shrine and uncover any other evidence which they could promptly destroy.

Once the deal had been struck between the Medvyed family and the Varangian Guard two members from The Varangian Guard, Kasai and their Sorcerer came down to see what they could find. Unfortunately in addition to the cleansing a new shrine complete with ritual sacrifices were now in place of the old one, and there was no evidence to be found.

Treasure found on the two deceased Ettins:

  • Coins: pp: 3 | gp: 49 | sp: 200 | cp: 100
  • Gemstones and Jewels: Onyx 18gp, Obsidian 8gp, Rhodochrosite 3gp, Tigereye 8gp, Malachite 3gp, Carnelian 45gp, Sard 13gp, Agate 2gp
  • Items:
  • Unguent of timelessness : 150gp
  • Masterwork Spiked Leather Armor : 210gp
  • Signal whistle 8 sp [Fine Quality] : 1gp
  • Axe, orc double 60 gp [Low Quality] : 52gp
  • Chain, spiked 25 gp [Very Fine Quality] : 39gp
  • Lock, Simple 20 gp [Inferior Quality] : 12gp
  • Sickle 6 gp [Standard Quality] : 6gp
  • Saddle, Exotic Pack 15 gp [Cheap Quality] : 11gp
  • Lantern, hooded 7 gp [Inferior Quality] : 4gp
  • Guisarme 9 gp [Broken] : 5gp
  • Saddle, Pack 5 gp [Inferior Quality] : 3gp
  • Shovel or spade 2 gp [Standard Quality] : 2gp
  • Barrel (empty) 2 gp [Standard Quality] : 2gp

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Exploring the Altar at Skywatch

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