Chronicles of War

Ladonica the Hydra

To slay or not to slay a legendary beast?

Brennagh O’Hicidhe has traveled back and forth from the River Kingdoms from time to time. Being a poisoner the best place to sell her wares, as well as purchase materials for making new poisons is always Daggermark.

ladonica_the_hydra.jpgOnce a few years ago she heard a tale of a legendary creature who killed anyone who came searching for her. Ladonica the Hydra. Deep within the Wilwood forest in the River Kingdoms she dwells.

The first challenge any who face her have to encounter is an entire forest of unfriendly creatures. With Fae, Druids, Giants, and other denizens who treat the forest as sacred ground, the idea of adventurers there to slay a beast is simply not a good reason and they are kindly asked to leave, escorted out and told never to return.

Next is locating the monsters lair, as none have ever returned who knew where the lair is.

Finally since none have faced the beast and lived, none know the powers of this beast. Legend say Ladonica went to the First World and was touched by the Fey Magic there gaining magical powers the likes of which the world has never seen. Legends also say she is immortal. Legend says she attained demi-godhood and she can slay mortal creatures with ease. Legends says Ladonica is no longer a hydra, but a fey deity using her body as a conduit to this world so she can rule.

However, the rewards would be great, as many have tried to kill her, and none have come back, somewhere deep in the Wilewood Forest possibly sitting inside her lair is a treasure trove to make a dragon jealous.



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