Chronicles of War

Ancient Aliens

GM’s Note: As time goes on, I’m going to have little back story ideas from the way way long ago. This is the first to be inserted into the campaign. Why this one first, well it’s simple. The following text is literally cut and pasted from the Inner Sea World Guide Book:

ancient_aliens.jpg“Today, the phenomena of Osirion’s dramatic rise from barbarism is intensely studied by specialist sages known as Osirionologists, who postulate several different theories to account for the empire’s sudden and otherwise inexplicable spike in cultural and military success. Although dismissed by more responsible academia, some treatises hypothesize that Osirion’s advancement was accelerated by a visitation from outsiders—possibly from unknown entities from beyond the vast gulf of space.”

That is correct – Osirion – the Country Kasai is originally from has Ancient Alien Conspiracy Theorists.

In order to increase the coffers of Osirion their current king has opened up the borders to treasure hunters to retrieve treasures from the ruins of Ancient Osirion.

From his time there, Kasai knows one of the most widely rumored treasure troves is the Great Sphinx. The Great Sphinx has a large head jutting out of the sand in the north west of the country. While it is widely known there is a large body buried underneath the sand, there are also rumors of there being a large treasure trove, and receptacle of ancient knowledge buried beneath the body.

The only thing which is known about this “treasure trove” is every adventurer, archivist, and/or explorer who has gone inside looking for it has not returned. Not a one.



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