Chronicles of War

The Kobold Uprising

The Beginning

The very first mission of The Varangian Guard was a kobold uprising. Barely a mercenary company at this point there were only two members – Freki “Skull-Crusher” Jǫtunn-móðr Draugadróttinnson and Brennagh O’Hicidhe. The had no base of operations and Freki had barely registered as a mercenary company with the Captain of the Guard at the time an aging human, Samuel Dupon. They went to the local bar The Runoff and found the listings for mercenary contracts int he back corner.

It was barely a few years after The Vanishing and there were always more contracts then there were mercenaries. One contract in particular stuck out to the understaffed Varangian Guard. It was killing kobolds. During the Vanishing the Golka Dwarves who dwelled int he Golushkin Mountains disappeared as well. Leaving their vast network of caves and cities abandoned. Of course squatters moved in, as well as the normal denizens, Lord Garess himself had to call on the Mendev Crusaders when some demons took up in what used to be one of the dwarves larger cities. These kobolds though weren’t a real hindrance to the crown, but one noble in particular.

Lady Erikka Dupon is the head of House Dupon and their territories lie on the other side a Roc’s Peak from Grayhaven. Their lands have a total of 5,000 people on them and their largest settlement is Gorvidr. Their primary export is lumber. As such they rely on the Litvatn river. It is small averaging only ten feet across and at it’s deepest it won’t drown a horse, but the water is the lands life blood providing the water for the trees, which are known many kingdoms away for their deep red hues.

Kobalds.jpgThe kobolds living in the Golushkin mountains had mined underneath the river and redirected it into their home. Every time Lady Dupon sent a raiding party the kobolds simply melted away into the darkness. She employed priests and priestesses to repair the mining through stone shape and get the river back on it’s true course, however within a few weeks the kobolds had “fixed” the river again. It was time to bring in the mercenaries. With only the two of them, they were able to practically walk into the kobold town before the kobolds even realized they were a threat.

koboldsboss.gifThe fighting was intense and Brennagh still has a scar from a spear wound she took during the attack. In the end they killed almost one third of the kobolds. While the mercenaries chased the remaining kobold warriors, Lady Dupon had time to have miners, priests, and priestesses cause a cave in around the city making it completely impractical for anyone to try such a stunt again.



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