Chronicles of War


A little backstabbing never hurt anyone

After the Death of Norwich and the subsequent rivalry with Grosgrick. The Guard went back to their home base to lick their wounds. In an attempt to once again find a healer, they found a Grifter by the name of Gwendalynne Shaele. While not necessarily a healer, she could do several different things to help the group including healing in a limited capacity. So with her in tow they jumped at the first chance to get revenge on their new rival.

There was a town to the south, Larforn, of almost seven hundred people. The townsfolk had been an easy target for an ogre warlord and his raiding party. He said they were now under his protection for a small fee. The townsfolk knew they couldn’t afford it, so they hired a band of mercenaries to protect the town when this Ogre Warlord, Azrog Kyrkenhog, they would be able to stop him.

It was the Order of the Beard who took the contract. Obviously helping the evil Ogre warlord extort an innocent town just to get back at Grosgrick would be a little over the edge, so instead they hatched a devious plan. After Azrog saw the town had mercenaries helping them the Varangian Guard approached him and agreed to help him raid the town if they got a portion of the extortion money. Azrog accepted and the plans were set to raid the town.

Using invisibility the Guard were able to subdue several of the Order of the Beard’s sentries before the main attack even began. When the Raiders began to attack in earnest and Grosgrick saw how the battle would turn out, he packed up his remaining members and fled, leaving the town to fend for itself.

At this point the Varangian guard turned on the Ogre raiders and using the element of surprise they were able to cut them down, and force the remaining members to flee, saving the town, and dealing a blow to the Order of the Beard.



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