Chronicles of War

Laying a False Trail

Kasai on the Run

Once they got back from their first mission, The Varangian Guard needed to take a little break. This was not to be. They found a new recruit who was on the run from some pretty impressive foes. Most wizards, or wizardly types are hard to come by in the mercenary world. Their years of study normally means they come from wealth or talent and are swept up by the mage’s guild or similar group, or they go into adventuring where the money is better. Those who stoop to mercenary work normally come with baggage.

This was definitely the case with Kasai.

This “baggage” was tracking him, with pin point accuracy and focus worthy of an Epic. Following him from half way around the world, he needed to make it look like this city was no different than the rest. One contract stood out which would help them keep this rouse. It was a simple case of black mail, but in order to get the dirt on a Lord they would have to follow him to the River Kingdoms and beyond. His fiance’s father knew he was buying illegal drugs in the River Kingdoms, but couldn’t prove it. Anyone who was able to provide the proof, would receive a hefty sum of gold.
They brought along a member of the guard from Grayhaven who would be able to be a reliable witness. They indeed did accomplish their task, and visited at least a dozen other cities on this trip.

In the mean time the evil force following Kasai had been recalled and had last been following his trail over two hundred miles from his new home of Grayhaven.

Lord Pinkerton lost his marriage and his reputation. He is still a bachelor and harbors no friendly thoughts or feelings for the Varangian Guard.



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