Varangian Guard Base of Operations

The Varangian Guard is based out of the City of Grayhaven in the Golushkin Mountains. The House of Garess is the house which controls this area. With the Lord of the House Lord Howlan Garess even having a manor within the city limits. Although his main castle and place of residence is in Highdelve.

viking_greathall.jpegDuring The Vanishing the Golka Dwarves disappeared as well. They were the clan who lived in the Golushkin Mountains. Leaving a huge void in the area. With Freki’s brother being a good blacksmith with exceptional tools he was able to fill in the high end market which the dwarves normally dominated.

As their wealth and renown built, the Guard became wealthy enough so their base is the second largest building in the town only behind the Lord’s Manor.

Their base is a fairly standard great hall with several smaller bunk rooms, a kitchen, a trophy room, and a hall of remembrance.

The Varangian Guard
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Varangian Guard Base of Operations

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