the City of Grayhaven

Is a small city, if just that, housing nearly 6,000 people. Mostly humans live here, but dwarves until recently were a common sight. It is the way into the Golushkin Mountains and is a bustling trade town. As such almost all humanoids are welcome in peace. However those belonging to exceptionally rare races (Fey touched, Catfolk) for be expected to be stared at and folks belonging to evil races are watched closely (Drow, Duergar)

The local Law Speaker is a well known Half-Elf, Marcus Volcoft. As the Law Speaker, he is present at every trial of importance.

The captain of the guard is burly human, Denise Crafton. He is known to be stern and fair. Even having stood up for people whom he has had arrested. He is also known to be tireless and can often be seen in town both day and night.

As the head of House Garess, Lord Howlan Garess, lives else where he is rarely in town, and has an appointed regent for Grayhaven. Lady Bree Garess. In Lord Garess’ absence she is judge, jury, and executioner of all trials, although for more petty matters she normally just takes Sir Crafton’s advice.

There are only two temples in town. They are for Gorum and Pharasma. The head priestess of Gorum is a perpetually angry looking Half-Orc, High Priestess Maak Hurr. The head priestess fo Pharasma is a serene woman, High Priestess Noel Demitrius.

The wealthiest merchant in town is extravagant human, Verris Tempton.

8a9917c387b25ce51faa4fa01373c14e.jpgThe city offers little in the way of defense. It is in the mountains, so the path to it can be treacherous depending on the time of year. However their primary defense just like most of the Issian lands of Brevoy is the people. From an early age they are taught to fend for themselves and they are all expected to take up arms in defense of their city, including women and older children.

Weapons are allowed to be openly worn, and most people would find it odd to see someone with no weapon.

The buildings have steep sloped roofs, allowing snow to easily slip off and preventing roof collapses due to snow build up. The ground is rocky packed dirt with very few areas which offer any kind of paving what so ever.

Several small streams flow right by the city with a larger river about a mile away, with the water flow down the mountain from the snow pack, the water shelf for the area is very shallow and most wells do not have to be more than 10 to 15 feet deep.

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the City of Grayhaven

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