The Altar of Pharasma

The Altar was sold to Lord Gurev Medyed so he could donate it in his name to the Church of Pharasma in the Capitol City of New Stetven.

The Altar is 10 feet wide and deep and stands about five feet high. There is a pool on the front portion and a statue of Pharasma on the back. The statue is on a pedestal and is made from different types/colors of marble which using magic are bonded together as if one piece of stone. The statue stands six feet tall, and when combined with the altar and pedestal she stands nearly twelve feet tall.

Magical properties:
Although not necessarily the most handy for a group of mercenaries, or most people this is a prized relic for the Church of Pharsma as any corpse submerged in the waters of the pool cannot come back as undead. This allows a crypt or graveyard or the devoted to be protected against necromancers who would defile their corpses.

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The Altar of Pharasma

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