Order of the Beard

The Order of the Beard is one of the more ruthless Mercenary companies. They steer clear of overtly evil creatures, but have little compunction against murder, pillaging, slavery or any number of other heinous crimes. Every member of the Order must swear allegiance to Grosgrick Cragback. Their goal is simple to accumulate the most wealth as quickly as possible. They have double crossed, lied, cheated, stolen, and even black mailed from their employers and most employers know they need to pay them well to ensure their loyalty.

Founded by a consummate mercenary who is willing to do just about anything if the price is right, they have a very negative reputation. People only turn to them when they absolutely need the mission completed.

Almost all of the black marks of their record come from a history of being two steps behind our mercenaries. Because of this they have an intense hatred of anyone who even is friendly towards our mercenaries and have had several of them killed.

The Order of the Beard maintains a small pirate fleet as well as a stronghold.

Permanent Members

Grosgrick Cragback | Baldern Cragback | Gimmel Cragback | Barnett Gale | Diana Stamper | Juliette Smythe | Daytrice Mossky | Cedric Hayden

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Order of the Beard

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