Mendev Crusaders

crusader.jpgThe Mendev Crusaders serve as Golarion’s primary bastion against the ever-present threat of demonic incursion. The faction’s strength lies in its righteousness and tenacity. Crusaders must stand fearless in the face of the demonic corruption and frequently perform suicide missions into the festering Worldwound. Placed in lone posts along the Mendev borders, these brave souls are forced to bear the hardships of long, sleepless watches and soul-numbing isolation. Others travel the world in anonymity, prepared at all times to strike should evil surface. In all, the Mendev Crusaders stand as perhaps one of the most rugged, hardened peoples on Golarion.

The primary goal of the Mendev Crusaders is to destroy demons. They organize demon-slaying crusades and build and maintain fortresses along the borders to contain demons and keep them from spreading. Even among themselves they remain relentlessly vigilant. They hold frequent inquisitions and burn those they suspect of demonic associations. They also retain responsibility for the protection of the Wardstones, powerful artifacts that help contain the spread of demonic taint. Outside of Mendev, crusaders deploy agents to seek out lore or slay those who infiltrate their organization, as the crusaders see these infiltrators as a threat equally as dangerous as the demons they keep contained.

Originally founded by Iomedae’s most devout warriors and priest clerics, the oaths and intentions of the crusaders lie grounded in strong morals, discipline, and unyielding mental fortitude. Hard times, however, have forced their leader to lower her standards to ensure their continued efforts. This includes faction-wide tolerance for extremists, such as inquisition leader Hulrun of Kenebres, as well as employing migrant mercenaries to whom her sworn oaths are meaningless.

Crusader Queen Galfrey serves as the crusaders’ leader. Though many find her Chelish lineage suspect, she rose to power during the Third Crusade, earning the esteemed title Sword of Iomedae, and has long championed her country. From her throne in Nerosyan, she supervises the faction with the aid of a council comprised of delegates from various outposts, including the Holy Sentinels of Kenabres. Yet her reach beyond the city seems to be weakening as increasing numbers of foreign crusaders and mercenaries gather beneath the banners of various generals and sub-factions as intent on seizing the rich spoils of demonic war as they are on slaying demons.

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Mendev Crusaders

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