Magic Items

Magic Item Durability

According to the base rules magic items except for weapons and armor are not any tougher than normal items. With this being the case robes, cloaks, bracers, etc. will get destroyed on a constant basis. I’m going to make them tougher. If you botch a saving throw against a fireball and take 32 fire damage your standard leather bracers has 2 hardness and 5 hit points, so they’re toast. I’m going to have it where magic items all gain additional hardness and hit points just the same as magic armor. Instead of getting +2 hardness and +10 hit points per +1 of the item, they get the same bonus of a piece of armor with a bonus of equivalent cost.
Example: Gloves of Arrow Snaring cost 4,000 gp – a +1 armor costs 1,000 while a +2 armor is 4,000 gp. So Gloves of Arrow Snaring are as powerful as a +2 item. So they would normally have 2 hardness and 5 hit points, it now has 6 hardness and 25 hit points. While bracers or armor +3 at 9,000 gp are the same as +3 armor. So they have a hardness of 8 and 35 hit points. Still will be heavily damaged by a fireball, but not destroyed.

Items have a maximum bonus of +20 hardness and +100 hit points. As if they were a +10 suit of armor.

Magic Item Destruction

Normally we don’t do this a whole lot, but in keeping with the low magic level of the world we will this time around. Some monsters who foresee a prolonged fight will target armor and weapon. Also monsters who are struck by weapons which are their bane will most likely try to destroy them. Sure your silver sword will kill that lycanthrope quickly, but he will most likely try to disarm you or smash the weapon. Also on any botched saving throw (a natural 1) against a spell which deals damage a random item of your is effected as well. So you could easily loose your cloak to a botched fireball attack.

Once a magic item has it’s hit points depleted it is destroyed. Destroyed items most likely have their magic lost, however the magical energy lingers on. It provides no benefits, but can be repaired by anyone with the proper craft magical item feat for 1/3rd the cost and 1/10th the time as originally creating the item. This is of course after the item is repaired.

Magic Item Repairs

If a magic item is damaged it can be repaired as easily as a normal item of it’s kind. For the most part. Magic items have an improved hardness are are thus harder to work with. Any repair role has the DC of the craft roll increase by +2 for every 1 higher the hardness is.
Example: A +2 Suit of Breastplate has a Hardness 4 higher then normal steel. So to repair the armor the craft roll has it’s DC increase by 8.

Magic Item Availability

All settlements are considered two sizes smaller for purposes of magic items. This does not effect the overall wealth of the settlement and therefore the PCs will almost always be able to sell their unwanted magic items fairly easily.

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