League of Shadow's

The Red Mantis Assassins are by far the most powerful and far reaching assassin’s guild in all of Golarion. They are more of a cult than anything else, with a head priestess in charge of interpreting their gods will. They use powerful magic as well as good old fashioned assassin know how to hunt down and kill those who are their intended targets.

assassins.jpgThe very nature of their organization allows for non-assassins to be part of the assassins guild as support staff including diviners, clerics, weapons smiths, and others.

Throughout the world there are different diviners where their assassins will turn to for information. One of these diviners is known only as “Shadow”. She has assassins who only go to her for information and follow her only behind their mantis god and his head priestess.

Shadow has forseen many futures and guides her most vicious assassin, Akane Karasu, to steer fate as she sees fit. To this end, Kasai, was an anchoring strand in her web. Now her plans lie blowing in the breeze. There were many paths where he could take them if he was with them, all of them good. If he left, as he did, she only has two options kill him or face her ruin. Therefore Shadow and Akane pursue him to no end, within the limits of their primary duty of working as Red Mantis Assassins.


The League of Shadow’s has at least two powerful magic users in it, as well as at least thirty assassins. Their reach is wide. They also have access to considerable funds, and have even hired other mercenaries to put an end to Kasai.

End Goal

While it might seem they have a singular focus in hunting for Kasai. This is not their end goal, this is just to ensure he doesn’t bring ruin to their organization. They really are not loyal to the mantis god and wish to end the Red Mantis Assassins and get the religion out of good old fashioned killing.

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League of Shadow's

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