Cult of Eerikki

One of the main deities in Brevoy is Pharasma. Which is part of what makes this cult odd. Pharasma is the goddess of life and death which includes the life cycle. Undead are an abomination to her as they destroy the life cycle.

There have long been rumors of Issians making deals with demons. Including monsters who live in the Lake of Mists and Veils. The truth is far more sinister – there is a horrible creature who stalks the country side. A immensely old vampire who hides under the veil of night and kills any who catches his eye.

In towns along the coast of the Lake of Mists and Veils people will leave sacrifices to an unknown monster. Every town has their own tradition, but it is normally about a year. It is normally a criminal and if you go from town to town the time of sacrifices is spaced out.

People have tried for years to find the monster, to even get a glimpse of it as it devours the sacrifice, but no luck. The sacrifice is engulfed in mist and disappears. Sometimes leaving behind a faint splatter of blood. Of course there is always someone in the town who claims to have caught a glimpse. It has been a Kraken, or vampire, or drow, or any number of sinister creatures.

What no one suspects is not only is it a vampire, but there is a cult of followers for this vampire. he Cult of Eerikki. Fewer still realize they have a small village up in the northwest side of the Golushkin Mountains. Not only do they assist this horrible beast by getting food for him, but they help hide his identity. All in exchange for the promise of immortality and power in the form of vampirism.

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Cult of Eerikki

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