Character Creation

The character creation matrix. Each player gets to balance several factors at character creation. These are level, race, attributes, and equipment. Each one has a rating from 1 to 4. You get to select one from each category.

Character Level Character Race Magic Items Attributes

1 5th level Base Race Random Items 17 pts.
2 6th level Advanced Race 50% Random 20 pts.
3 7th level Special Race 25% Random 23 pts.
4 8th level Evil Race Class Specific 26 pts.

Character Level: This is a fairly straight forward advantage. If you select the 4 for your character level you are an 8th level character. If you select 1 then you are 5th level.

Character Race:
Base Races: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Gnome, or Halfling
Advanced Race: Aasimar, Changling, Fetchling, Ifrit, Oread, Suli, Sylph, Tiefling, or Undine
Special Race: Dhampir, Svirfneblin,]] or Fey-Touched
Evil Race: Hobgoblin, Drow, Duergar, or Orc
Base races are the most common and thus are the easiest and lowest point total among the races. Advanced races are uncommon and downright rare in a lot of areas therefore it is slightly harder to be one of them. Special races aren’t more rare then some of the advanced races (as a matter of fact Svirfneblin are much more common then either Catfolk of Fetchling.) They both however have a major game changing advantage which they must pay for. The Svirfneblin have Spell Resistance while the Fey-Touched have flight. Evil races are the most expensive, and are actually weaker then most of the other races including the base races (with the exception of the Drow and Duergar.) They do however make things harder for the entire group. Even if all the characters are evil, they aren’t going to be eyed with the same level of suspicion as a Drow or Orc. So the players are essentially paying more for making things harder on their group.

Magic Items: Due to magic items being fairly rare. (See Magic Item Availability for details) Most people only have the items they find with possibly one or two being bought to exactly fit their character. Every player starts with 16,000 in gold worth of magic items. If the player selects the maximum of Class specific equipment I will select magic items for them which fit their character. The fighter will have his magic sword and armor, the thief will have their bag of holding to stash their ill gotten gains. The lowest tier is everything is completely random. I will roll up items and the character has yet to find better items to buy at a reasonable price. Thus maybe the fighter has a robe of useful items, or the rogue has a +2 greatsword. The percentage breakdown is just that if the character gets 50% Random then I will split the maximum of 16,000 into 8,000 of random items and 8,000 of class specific items.

Attributes: I will be doing the point buy system from the core book. Even with the maximum the characters would barely be able to get two 17s in their attributes, but those extra points can make a big difference.

Example: 8th level Dwarf with 23pts for attributes and 50% random items.
Conan the Issian – Dishonored Warlord of Falrick. Conan has found many items throughout his travels including a +1 Dwarven Axe and a +1 Shield. He also found a Grey Bag of Tricks, a +2 Headband of Vast Intellect, and a +2 Headband of Alluring Charisma. He was able to trade the Headband of Alluring Charisma to a Bard who happened to have a suit of +2 Full-plate which he couldn’t use. So he is also now in possession of some rather nice armor. Conan was always a strong and tough individual even for a dwarf (After you include his dwarven modifiers he has a 17 Strength, 12 Dexterity, 17 Constitution, 12 Intelligence, 12 Wisdom, and 10 Charisma.)

Attribute Increases: At 4th, 12th, and 20th levels the character gains a +1 to any one attribute, at levels 8th and 16th you gains a +1 to any two attributes.

Feats: Are always a stickler for me. As there is simply no beating certain feats such as weapon focus and power attack. Thus almost every 5th level fighter has a very similar set of feats. When giving out extra feats it becomes very likely to create imbalanced characters by focusing on powerful feats. Characters gain two feats at every odd numbered level. My charge to the players is to pick feats which fit the character rather than their power.
Example: Darric the Street Urchin would be most powerful with weapon focus (short sword) and combat reflexes (due to his high dexterity). However being a street urchin and adept of thievery he instead chooses Improved Steal and Quick Steal. So he won’t hit as often or be able to protect the wizard as much without being able to constantly make opportunity attacks, however he will be able to do what fits his character and steal the cloak off his opponent’s back.

Item Creation Feats: Player characters are highly discouraged from making magic items, as an adventurer can’t just take a month off to make a new sword for his ally. If a player really wants to make items they can take item creation feats. Just be prepared to almost never have the chance to use it, or only be able to use it to make quick and simple items (Brew Potion is the best for this).

Hero Points: Are found in the Advanced Player’s Guide and will not be used.

Traits: Traits are found in the Advanced Player’s Guide. Every players starts with two traits. If they wish to have more there is a Feat called Additional Traits.

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