Lady Erikka Dupon

Leader of House Dupon


In a country where only men are allowed to be leaders of Houses she is somehow accepted as the leader of a noble house. A lesser one albeit, but still a noble house. Her husband died being the last of the family, and therefore the task of elevating a minor noble to control the area was going to fall into the hands of the hands of House Garess.

However things were ugly in the area when her husband died. There were old feuds boiling over and sibling rivalries causing families to be at their own throat. She stepped into her husbands shoes, and challenged several of the upstarts to honorable combat to squelch the problems.

By the time Lord Garess arrived in town to take stock of the local people and see who he would appoint to be his regent until he could appoint a lesser noble to take over the region, he found Lady Dupon in control of the area, and the town thriving. He saw no need to change the way things were. However to make sure everything was on the up and up according to Brevian Law he had her adopt a son, who is technically the “Lord” of the area. However since he is only two years old, Lady Dupon has a long time of ruling ahead of her.

Lady Erikka Dupon

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