Lady Bree Garess

Regent of Grayhaven


Lady Garess is a fiery redhead with a flamboyant personality. She is tall and slender, and is always dressed in the finest gowns.


Lady Garess took her nobility to heart and has paid close attention to politics, public speaking, diplomacy, and other important pieces of statesmanship. Many people see her in her pretty dresses and assume she is all about appearances, however she is a shrewd politician. Her big flaw is her soft heart. She is likely to give light sentences for criminals in hopes of reforming them. The same goes for her political enemies, she has several of them who still are in power when if she was a more brutal regent she could easily of justified banishing them.

If she was any less intelligent this could be her undoing, but luckily she is always two steps ahead of her opponents. Also it doesn’t hurt that her best friend since birth is a brutal bitch, Selma Demitrius, who has had more than one of her “enemies” “disappear”.

As the Brevic legal system does not allow for a woman to truly hold power she is technically just signing documents and making decisions on Lord Garess’ behalf. That having been said Lord Garess has never been known to go against any of her decisions. Since he is very rarely in the city for longer than a few weeks, while she is always there, he trusts her insight and local knowledge to make the right decisions for him.

Lady Bree Garess

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