High Priestess Maak Hurr

High Priestess of Gorum in Grayhaven


It’s odd to see a Half-Orc High Priestess, but Makk Hurr has always been an odd little Half-Orc. Finding a life of quiet devotion to be to her liking, she was the ideal student. Also given her size, strength, and athletic ability she made the perfect priestess to practice what Gorum stands for.

She has seen little real battle, but has gone out on occasion and does know her way around a battlefield.

She is well liked by people in the town. As the high Priestess to a God of War and Combat she offers to train any who wish in the art of martial combat even going so far as having a old retired fighter and devote follower of Gorum as an assistant with teaching those who need teaching. She also offers free healing to those who get wounded in combat – charging only those who get injured in more mundane means.

High Priestess Maak Hurr

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