Grosgrick Cragback

Leader of the Order of the Beard


A shout stout Duergar (yes even short and stout by Duergar standards.) He has a long white beard, but is bald. He wears bright well-tailored clothes. His beard is always well groomed and he is exceptionally clean by even elven standards.


Runs the Mercenary band the Order of the Beard. On many occasion the Order has gone after the same bounty or has been on the opposite side of our intrepid mercenaries. After suffering many humiliations to and loss Grosgrick has declared himself an enemy of the mercenary band. He has also decided has had a few members of the band killed through assassination, poison and other nefarious plots. Most notably Darius the Cleric.

Grosgrik mercenary band boasts over a hundred skilled adventurers and a fleet of privateering ships consisting of a clipper (Iron Cross), two cutters (Silk and Dogs Revenge) and a corvette (The Mountains Pride). With a base of operations and coffers full of illict wealth gained from their dirty dealings the Order and Grosgrik is a vile and dangerous enemy.

Grosgrick Cragback

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