Denise Crafton

Grayhaven Captain of the Guard


A burly man only made burlier by several layers of animal skin. He hasn’t cut his hair or shaved since birth apparently and keeps his hair and beard both braided. He has piercing ice blue eyes, which apparently don’t require moisture as he rarely blinks.

He is average height (5’9") which means he’s a little on the short side for Issians as they average about 5’11".


He has a background with The Varangian Guard, specifically Brennagh O’Hicidhe. Being one of the more reputable mercenary companies, he had to turn to them when an assassin took a shot at Lord Toval Golka. When they returned with the assassin in a body bag, he gave the Varangian Guard a free pass. One of their members in specific has been caught with contraband a few times, but he ignores it.

He has always been fair and friendly to the Varangian Guard. When his son was kidnapped by a group of marauders to try to extort him into freeing their leader, things got dark for him. Including a box with his son’s left pink finger in a box with a note saying they were going to start with his sword hand next.

When Brennagh was selling some poison, the buyer had made a horrible mistake and was wearing a ring which she knew had belonged to Sir Crafton’s son. After she followed him back to his hideout, she called on the rest of the Varangian Guard who made short work of the marauders.

Ever since he found out she was the one responsible for getting his son back safe and mostly whole, she has been able to do no wrong.

Denise Crafton

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