Akane Karasu

The Red Mist


Akane is a tiefling who would look human if not for her red eyes and demonic tail. She commonly wears her Red Mantis Armor and serrated blades. Her hair is black and kept at most an inch long so it doesn’t get in the way.

She is thin and wiry, with the grace of a serpent.


In Osirion there is a diviner known only as “Shadow” and those among the Red Mantis who answer to her are known as the “League of Shadow’s”. One of her more zealous lieutenants is Akane Karusu. She is a highly skilled assassin and bears a personal grudge against Kasai. The only thing which has saved Kasai thus far is the unwillingness of the Red Mantis Leadership to allow one of their own to perform a personal assassination or personally take out a contract.

So Akane is stuck trying to pursue Kasai when she has free time. Several times she has gotten close just to be taken away to a mission. The closest she got was being in the same town as him, she knew with just another day or two he was dead for sure, and when she was unable to locate him in time, she killed a baker, Orlan. She left an arrow in his chest with Kasai’s name carved into the arrow.

Akane Karasu

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