Chronicles of War

Scourge of the Undead

The Altar of Pharasma

With all the chaos in the area, monsters have been more abundant in the area then they were just a few years ago. While the Dragons did not just randomly comb the country side, occasionally they would go out for a good hunt and having a large clan of giants rampaging across a few small towns would be a perfect target for some powerful dragons to have a late night snack. Since The Vanishing when the dragons disappeared this threat no longer hangs over the monsters and they are more bold.

Such is the case with a Vampire named “Eerikki”. A rumor to some, a devil to others, but a mere memory to the Varangian Guard. not too long ago he brutally slaughtered an entire village. When a merchant’s caravan found the town, the bodies had already been rotting for a while. With carrion birds and other scavengers only outnumbered by maggots.

As it would turn out one of the guards for this caravan was a dwarf named Chort from the Golka clan. His family had left the mountains in disgrace when he was but a lad, and he had spent his years as a hired sword. However given the adoptive son of Lord Howlan Garess was his third cousin he was able to recount his story directly to Lord Garess himself.

Garess had no sway here as the village was under the domain of House Medyed. After a letter was sent to Lord Gurevn Medyed. A bounty was quickly put on the head of whoever or whatever did this.

The Varangian Guard took the contract and discovered it was an evil vampire by the name of “Eerikki”. After they tracked him and killed him, they found a large Altar to Pharsma deep within his lair.

They had to hire a team of laborers to move the Altar back to their base they have yet to decide upon the fate of this Altar. As it is a powerful magic item worth at least 100,000 gp by the reckoning of Gwendalynne Shaele. However the local church to Pharasma can only afford 30,000 gp for it.



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