Chronicles of War

Mysterious Note

Is it a trap?

One day Kasai woke up early in the morning and went downstairs to prepare breakfast. Having so many half-elves in the group the Varangian Guard how quiet a few members who wake up long before dawn even when not adventuring. With no sunlight, and the guild never wanting to risk the guildhall burning down by leaving lamps, candles, or torches lit all night, they rely on their dozen everburning torches for light in the predawn hours.

So wandering down to the kitchen, Kasai almost missed the note slid under the front door. The off white of the paper was just enough to draw his eye though. He waited until the group poison expert, Brennagh had a chance to look it over. When they determined it was safe, they opened the note and read it.

Simply put is was a list of directions, to an exact tree in the forest on the far side of the mountain. It also had a date set for one week from the day it was received. There were no clues about who sent it, and it was sealed with a plain wax seal.


I try to gather the group and set off to meet the note right away. Prep a small 3day rations and normal adventuring supplies. Ie rope, food, water, lanterns, tents.
(I was wondering as well if we could all have cyanide like potions incase of capture.)

Mysterious Note

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