Chronicles of War


Death of the Patriarch

One of the odder missions the Guard has ever had to accomplish was a simple one, but one for which they earned the favor of a semi-influential noble. When Stetven Albrectson died he left behind three sons. All bastards as his wife was barren. All three sons had witnesses to that one time long ago when Stetven had promised they were his heir. Lacking any real proof in the form of a will, the obvious candidate would have been the eldest. However since he was a cruel boy, the town Shaman, Yurgi Almstedt decided the only way to be sure which boy was the true heir was a great hunt.

Yurgi spoke with his spirit guide a ferocious wolf who went out and found a worthy game animal. He found a Buck with only one set of antlers. The other side had been lost i a fight with a purple worm. This was truly a beast worthy of this hunt. The rules were simple they were to go out and hunt this buck, the son who was able to lay a single hand upon the buck would become the heir of Stetven.

The community was small, and their window for harvesting food for winter was narrow. So they hired outsiders who could be trusted to watch the three sons and verify the winner. It was for this reason they called on the Varangian Guard. Knowing their reputation for honesty meant they could be sure of the results.

It took the youngest son only three days to track and ambush the great stag. And thus Sutgar Albrectson became the leader of House Albrectson. In honor of the victory he threw a feast, during which his eldest brother, Trimede Albrectson, tried to poison him. The plot was caught by members of the Varangian Guard, and Trimede was banished.

So Lord Albrectson owes both his life and his crown to the Guard. Unfortunately this matters for little as he is lord for three small settlements who have maybe a total of 3,000 inhabitants between them.



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