Chronicles of War

In Service of a Leige

After deciding to accept the offer from the mysterious stranger, the group went about using their resources to uncover who it was and make sure they weren’t walking into an ambush. Here’s the cliffnotes version:
As a group they were able to locate the sender of the note. They were also able to scout the area where the meeting would be taking place. They were able to find out who the sender of the note worked for. They were then able to surprise her at the meeting location a little early.

The sender of the note was, Selma Demitrius, and was able to get them in contact with a powerful ally, the chief negotiator of regional trade contracts for Lord Gurev Medyed, Matthew Corvhin. Together they were able to work out a deal, the details are listed here.

Now they set off to recover the evidence which is being used to blackmail House Medvyed into selling their land.

Side quests:
Exploring the Altar at Skywatch
The Altar of Pharasma



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