Chronicles of War

I hate Trolls

The Beginning of the End for Clerics!

Trolls are mean, they regenerate, they love the taste of humans, but worst of all they have archers. Not many people think of Trolls as skilled combatants, but they can be. So poor Norwich found out.

Norwich was the Guards first Cleric. Unfortunately he chose the wrong mercenary company to join. He would start the precedent of Clerics dying, so many have died that the Guard no has a rule against hiring Clerics.

There was a band of Trolls attacking small caravans and cattle in the Golushkin Mountains on the north facing slopes. Lord Arn Dupon was Jarl of a village which had recently lost three lads to these horrible trolls. In a town of only 5oo, three boys is a lot of loss. So they quickly put together a raiding party from nearby villages, to kill these vile beasts. In the end the raiding party returned with another two men dead, and no dead trolls to show for these corpses.

It was time to find mercenaries who were equipped to be fighting such fierce beasts. The price was good so there were three mercenary companies who set forth to find these trolls. The Varangian Guard, The Order of the Beard, and Haemer’s Corsairs.

The corsairs we not used to the rugged mountain landscapes and were unable to get anywhere near the trolls.

The Guard were the first to find them. These trolls were unlike other trolls. They were clever and devious. They set traps and lured the Guard right into them. Luckily the Guard were never ones to back down from a fight and were well prepared for the encounter. Having flasks of Alchemist’s Fire, Scrolls, and potions to aid them and whittle down the trolls. They did so with what seemed like ease, however after two trolls had dropped in combat, their leader joined the fray. Coming out from his hiding place in the rocks above the Guard. He rained arrows upon them from the high ground. The Guard was undaunted by this and slayed another of his comrades.
That’s when everything changed. In less time then a horse blinks it’s eyes the Troll leader drew back his bow and rapidly fired three arrows into poor Norwich. One hit his leg, next his chest, and the final arrow exploded his head. For a poor gnome to be hit by an arrow almost three inches in diameter was just too much. Next the Troll took aim at Kasai who had to summon creatures to take the arrows for him as he was already wounded from the fray.

The Guard eventually had to retreat.

While they regrouped the Order of the Beard came in and finished what they had started. Any reasonable mercenary company would have split the reward as three of the seven trolls were killed by the guard, and they had revealed the hideout of the trolls. This was not to be though. The Order of the Beard took great pride in bragging how they succeeded where the mighty Varangian Guard could not.



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