On the Brink of War

Brevoy a once might nation is on the brink of collapse. Ever since it’s ruling family disappeared years ago a new king has tried desperately to the straws of power. He has been succeeding if just barely. Every day seems to inch closer to civil war when it seems like the tipping point was three years ago.

There are those who wish to speed it up. Those who wish to stave it off. Those who wish to profit from it no matter what.

Enter the mercenaries. When chaos rules this openly mercenaries become a hot commodity used for everything from attacking enemy nobles to retrieving items of power. We follow one troop of mercenaries, their friends, their enemies, as they attempt to find their place among the chaos.

Brevoy is not the only area in a constant state of turmoil, and mercenaries who have lived as long as The Varangian Guard have are in high demand everywhere.

Chronicles of War

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